The Miyazaki House Society

We always welcome new members and volunteers. Here's how you can get involved: 

  • Become a member, membership is only $20/year. Members in good standing have the privilege of electing our board of directors, and receive our Friends of the Miyazaki House newsletter to keep them up to date with House and Society news. Some of our members also choose to volunteer when we require extra hands.   
  • Love to garden? Our flower beds can always use a little TLC. Drop by anytime and do your magic.
  • Become a tour guide. Looking for something to do? If you enjoy meeting and talking to people, and have a few hours to spare, we'd love to have you join us as a tour guide, (host or hostess). Tour guides are generally only needed during the summer months, June through September. We'll work with your schedule, and provide you with the history and information you need.   
  • Volunteer. Pitch in and provide extra hands at our events, setting up, baking/food donations, clean up etc. 
  • Give us some Love. We love our fans, followers and subscribers. Connect with us on social media and give us some love.  (share, like, follow, subscribe, comment) Sharing our social media posts in a huge help as it enable more people to learn about the house and our events.     

There is no "I" in Team, but we are sure glad there is "U" in our volunteers. Small things make a big difference.

Brainstorming session
From 6 - 8pm May 30th.2013 at the Miyazaki House


June 14.2013 Members of the newly formed society and friends of the Miyazaki House come together to paint and spruce up the house. 

Visioning Open house -  May 30,2013

From left to right rear: Eva Farquhar(BOD), Pierre Barre (BOD) and Mariko Kage (BOD); front row St'at'imc Elder, Gertie Ned(BOD) Jessica Johnson, Ursela Stephane (BOD) Jane Carrico (BOD), and Ingrid Ned (St'at'imc film artist)

Miyazaki house society HiSTORY