Lillooet’s Historic 19th Century Heritage Home

photo:jae han

The Miyazaki  House 

The Miyazaki House was originally called Longford House and was built for prominent Lillooet citizens Caspar and Cerise Phair by master builder William Duguid in the late 1880s; the exact date isn't known. This exceptionally fine heritage home was designed in the Second Empire Mansard style that is characterized by its steep roof and dormer windows.

Caspar held a wide range of official positions during his career including schoolteacher and Gold Commissioner. In 1887, Cerise bought the general store on Main Street and the Phairs enjoyed a prosperous and cultured lifestyle in the heart of a wild frontier town. 

In 1933, Longford House became the property of their oldest son, Artie, who, like his father, held many official positions in Lillooet. A lifelong resident of the town with a passion for photography, he recorded the peoples, events and rugged landscape of historic Bridge River country in photographs on display at Miyazaki House.  

The English country gardens of Longford House were terraced with gold placer mining rock pilings. Its stately trees and remnant orchard were planted by the Phairs.